Two-and-a-half Boys: 5 Of Charlie’s Girlfriends We’d Want To Date (& 5 We Wouldn’t)

Two-and-a-half Boys: 5 Of Charlie’s Girlfriends We’d Want To Date (& 5 We Wouldn’t)

Charlie’s had multiple girlfriends over the course of Two and a Half boys – some we would date our selves! People. not so much.

It has been some time since Two and a Half guys had the final season – in the past in 2015, but fans from the tv series however love seeing reruns with this humorous sitcom. Charlie Harper was one among the biggest womanizing figures on tv, and almost any event featured one of is own flames.

While not every partnership with fantastic, some of these gals comprise really much too good-for Charlie. To reminisce every females on this tv show – here are 5 of Charlie’s girlfriends we would entirely date, and 5 we certainly wouldn’t.

10 Wouldn’t: Jamie Eckleberry

Jamie was spunky, smart, and entirely gorgeous, but it turns out the boys undoubtedly crossed this lady previously.

Played by Paget Brewster, followers will just remember that , Charlie familiar with make enjoyable of her in school before she was “pretty”.

While she appears like an attractive lady, she demonstrably has many rage problems and a few unresolved hatred. It absolutely was humorous to view, but we would never need to see that flame fond of our selves.

9 Would: Lisa

Lisa, played by Charlie Sheen’s IRL ex-wife, Denise Richards, was actually undoubtedly the fire that got out. She only seems in the 1st period, but she nonetheless continues to be just about the most down-to-earth, smart, and fiery women that Charlie ever before dated.

This lady try attractive, does not get Charlie’s shenanigans, and has now truly demonstrated this lady has a cardiovascular system of gold and a huge head to complement. We are going to never forget Lisa, so we’d undoubtedly date this sassy, funny, and intelligent bombshell.

8 Wouldn’t: Courtney Leopold

Courtney got seriously an entertaining fictional character to watch, and Jenny McCarthy completely slew the lady part as this manipulative and fiery woman. Obviously, we’re only grateful that she is playing Charlie rather than us.

She actually is certainly smart, and she’s actually super amusing, but this girl can be as hazardous as they come, so we would probably be much better to keep away from her. However, we are going to undoubtedly render the girl props, and we also’re hoping for guy she results in.

7 Would: Myra Melnick

We are going to remember whenever Charlie, again, strategies out-of-bounds and begins to date Myra – Judith’s brand-new husband’s cousin. While that’s a little odd, fans completely enjoyed this spunky and sassy figure, starred by infamous Judy Greer.

Certain, she had been actually interested, and ended up being using Charlie as a final affair, but outside that, this fictional character may seem like an enjoyable experience. Plus, she is definitely one of the very most smart female that Charlie is ever before involved in.

6 Would Not: Laura Lang

This bombshell (Heather Locklear) ended up being positively intelligent. This divorce case attorneys have a great directly her shoulders, and it’s really truly a shame that she always manipulate other individuals and acquire her method. Lovers will remember she ended up being in fact Alan’s attorneys within his splitting up, but Charlie, certainly, begun matchmaking their.

After products gone laterally, Laura revealed a fairly petty and vengeful side of by herself and finished up giving Judith every thing of Alan’s.

This spite and hatred is definitely not one thing we would like in a partner, therefore’re additionally not sure we would need her as a divorce case attorney, often.

5 Would: Kate McLaughlin

Kate just starred in one episode, but she nevertheless stays probably one of the most down-to-earth and relatable females that Charlie dates through the collection. A single mommy whom satisfy Charlie at a soccer game, this lady was honest, nurturing, and having existence one-day at a time.

This hardworking and smart personality would lead to a devoted and nice girlfriend that any person might possibly be happy to own. Plus, Liz Vassey undoubtedly delivered this character your completely.

4 Would Not: Rose

Let’s not pretend – lovers want to detest flower, that is brilliantly starred by Melanie Lynskey. Charlie could never rather stop this woman on the suppress. It will be gets pretty gluey, plus it never truly gets better.

Rose features a huge heart, although tv series really never ever should’ve captivated individuals as harmful and crazy because this figure for way too long. She absolutely entered limits and did several things that individuals would rather stay away from. At the end of the afternoon, we’d feel a little afraid currently her.

3 Would: Linda Harris

Linda is an additional character that is truth be told only too-good for Charlie. While she does care and attention too a lot about her graphics, this girl keeps a career to-do, along with her allamericandating price hardworking and determined attitude claims miracles about the lady character.

She is positively the most intelligent on the bunch, and also this assess furthermore shows that she’s rather fiery and spunky. Plus, she actually is a stronger solitary mummy. Whenever we were hoping to find a significant union, we might definitely phone Linda.

2 Wouldn’t: Mia Adams

Before there was clearly Chelsea, there is Mia (starred by Emmanuelle Vaugier). She ended up being virtually truly the only other long-time girlfriend in the tv series. Are rather truthful, followers were rather annoyed using this girl, so we had been all actually type of pleased when she kept.

She was actually controlling, sassy, and quite selfish. She changed Charlie way too hard too quickly, by the termination of it, she was a student in her very own small world, irritating enthusiasts everywhere. While she wasn’t the worst girl getting become outdated by Charlie, we’d rather keep her well away.

1 Would: Chelsea Melini

Chelsea (Jennifer Taylor) got certainly the best girl of Charlie’s, and got very honestly always too-good for your.

She initial appeared in season 6, and ended up in fact getting interested to Charlie. While it don’t work-out in the long run, Chelsea demonstrated it had been because she earned much better.

This smart, bold, and delightful woman performed quite a beneficial job taking Charlie away from poor behaviors, and we would all love a supporting and smart woman like Chelsea at our very own side.

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