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Whether the margin is low or high, it depends on the popularity of the sport or event. Total (Over/Under) –Betting on the Over/Under or point total means you’re placing bets on the https://toshiembalaje.com/sports-betting-guide-tips-sports-betting-news/ total number of points scored by both teams. So if a game has a total (or Over/Under) of 65 points before kickoff, you can bet on Over or Under 65 total combined points between the two teams for the entire game.

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Opening Lines in college football are typically set on Sunday afternoons in the current week and you usually see immediate action cause line movement. The same goes for the Total, which projects the combined number of points expected in a contest. If you don’t know some of the history of college football, I suggest looking into it.

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Similar to totals, bettors can bet on these props with an OVER or UNDER option. Despite their bankroll or previous experience, fans are always informative post looking for a chance to predict the game outcome and engage in some betting action on the side. Every year, fans bet more and more, and judging by the figures reported on each and every year, that trend isn’t likely to change anytime soon. The bet sparked a wave of prop bets, which have become an international phenomenon in the past three decades.

So any +200 underdog that wins 34%+ of the time is a profitable bet. American Odds can easily be converted into other odds such as decimal or fraction, using our free online calculator. Most, if not all, sites also offer odds in those formats, by simply choosing your preferred format. The “first half spread” betting option is a trickier form of betting the full-game point spread.

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The Trojans managed just 4.33 yards per play in the loss to Arizona State without the potential first-round pick. Jaxson Dart will make his first start for the Trojans and he’s been reliant on London in his appearances, including the wide receiver’s 13 catches for 170 yards in the Washington State win. This is same as betting against the spread however it may be used in NFL Pickem type pools rather the placing a straight bet.

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Let’s return to the coin toss example, in which the odds for heads and tails are both even money or 1/1 or 2.0 , meaning that a £1 stake will return £2 (£1 profit plus the £1 stake). Here are some examples of betting odds converted into percentages to find out the probability. You may find that your favourite online betting site presents the odds exactly how you likely them to be.

In our example, the Yankees are 1.5-point home favorites, which can be deduced from their negative spread and placement underneath the Away team. In order for a runline bet on the Yankees to win, they must win by at least 2 runs and Tanaka must be the starting pitcher. Flexible point spreads can be any number the oddsmaker thinks is appropriate for the game. These types of spreads are used for sports with lots of scoring like football and basketball. How much you get paid on your point spread bet depends on the odds listed at the time of the bet. Beside every point spread in parentheses are the odds that determine the payout.